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Why is it worth developing an online store?

If you're thinking about whether it's worth diving into the development of your own webshop, we'll help you with the decision. We've gathered the 7 most important advantages of creating an online store.

In short: because the demand for it is constantly increasing

Revenue of the Ecommerce market in Europe, 2017-2027 (in billion USD)

Source: ECDB
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Global reach 24/7

Products and services are accessible on the global market. No opening hours, customers can place orders anytime.


More convenient for customers: Easily searchable, customer reviews are available and prices can be compared


It is cheaper to maintain an online store compared to having multiple physical stores

Process optimization

Easier to collect data, analyze customer behavior: Business processes can be optimized based on this


Wide-ranging marketing opportunities: Google, Facebook, TikTok ads can bring new customers to the online store, you can retarget customers.

Competitive advantage

You can gain a significant competitive advantage: Offer a better online shopping experience than competing companies.


Ecommerce services

You can count on us for everything to make your business successful in the field of e-commerce. We follow the latest trends and work with cutting-edge technologies to make your customers feel at home in the online store, repeatedly purchasing the products and services you offer.

Custom UI/UX Design

For online stores, it's crucial that the website is clear, easy to use, and provides a flawless user experience. A professional and modern impression from the first moment, along with user-friendly navigation, can significantly increase conversion rates. Our professional design team, with diverse experience in branding and design, creates logos and graphic designs that are creative, refined, and easily memorable for people.

Custom Ecommerce Development

We develop every online store from scratch, tailoring the implementation of specific functions to the needs of the business. The website doesn't contain unnecessary code snippets or plugins that are not needed, ensuring optimal performance. The appearance and functionality of the webshop fully reflect the user interface designed during the design process.

Mobile App Development

Popular webshops often have mobile applications. It is statistically proven that it is strategically crucial to sell products and services through a mobile application alongside the webshop. An interesting piece of data is that 93% of mobile users prefer to use a mobile app instead of the website and apps have 157% higher conversion rates. Our experienced and innovative development team can develop a mobile app allowing you to leverage this opportunity.

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Support, Maintenance

As part of our operation services, we ensure that your online store runs smoothly and is always able to serve visitors. We perform necessary monitoring, resource optimization, and database backups.

SEO Consulting

For online stores, one of the most important sources of customer acquisition is Google searches. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the website for search engine algorithms. The success of the business depends on whether significant amounts need to be spent on advertising or if the website can be organically found at the top of the search results. For unique webshops, there is an opportunity to create fully SEO-optimized websites.


Our comprehensive marketing services help promote your unique online store. We assist in selecting the optimal platform for advertising and formulate the marketing strategy, whether it's Google, Facebook, or TikTok. With our professional ad management services, we ensure that your website reaches its target audience.

Benefits of Custom Ecommerce Development

While using a Ecommerce platforms (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) may seem like a great decision at first glance—allowing for quick entry into the market, being affordable, and including essential features for basic operation—opting for a custom online store proves to be a significantly more rewarding investment for an e-commerce company. Here are the advantages of choosing a custom system

Unique, Brand-Fitting Appearance

The first impression is of paramount importance. A clean, transparent, modern appearance that aligns with the brand instills trust in the buyer, encouraging them to spend more time in the webshop.

Outstanding User Experience

If the online store is easy to use, pages load quickly, everything is where the buyer expects it to be, and the purchasing process is smooth, there's a high likelihood that the customer will return.

Higher Conversion Rates

The unique user interface, user experience, stable performance, and operation tailored to business processes result in a much higher likelihood of purchases by webshop visitors.

Optimal Performance, Scalability

Our custom Ecommerce systems are prepared to handle high user traffic, numerous concurrent transactions, and the storage of large amounts of data generated during these transactions.

Processes Customizable to Business Needs

Often, online stores need to meet company-specific, unique requirements that cannot be achieved through configuring off-the-shelf products.

Integration of External Services

In a custom online store, any payment provider, invoicing system, or shipping company tracking system of your choice can be integrated.

Integration with Existing Internal Systems

If there's already a well-functioning internal system that the new webshop needs to integrate with (e.g., existing software handling product uploads, inventory management), integration is easily achievable with custom Ecommerce development.

SEO Optimization Possibilities

Apart from the general optimization for search engines, a custom system allows for specific configurations to ensure the website appears on the first page of search results.

Development of Personalized Recommendation Systems

With a custom Ecommerce system, there's the opportunity for in-depth analysis of customer behavior. Using this data, personalized recommendations can be made to encourage users to make purchases.

Development of a Custom Loyalty Program

Establishing customer loyalty is crucial for a successful online store. Our custom webshops allow for various ways to reward returning customers.

Management of Promotions and Coupons

Various seasonal promotions and coupon management are powerful marketing tools. Our websites have no limitations in this regard.

Always Up-to-Date Technological Background

There is always the opportunity to use the latest versions of the frameworks and technologies on which the online shop and backend system are built.

Custom Ecommerce Development Costs

Custom online store with basic features:

from 35k USDWith mobile app:from 45k USD

Custom online store with medium complexity:

from 55k USDWith mobile app:from 70k USD

Custom online store with high complexity:

from 100k USDWith mobile app:from 125k USD

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