White Label App

Take your business to the next level with your own fitness, yoga or meditation app

Offer your own unique content in the form of a mobile application with a modern appearance tailored to your brand and subscription-based monetization options.

In 30 days

Have your personalized iOS and Android mobile app in the Apple and Google stores within 30 days!

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Harness the opportunities offered by mobile apps


Push notifications

direct communication channel to your customers


In-app subscriptions

reliable, stable subscription process through Apple and Google


Always in your customers' pockets

your customers can enjoy your content anywhere, anytime

Your content, your brand in your own mobile app

We offer a customizable framework that can be configured according to your needs in terms of appearance and functionality.

  • Unique app icon
  • Own logo
  • Use of colors matching your brand
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Menu items of your choice
  • Custom subscription packages

You completely manage the content of the app

  • Without coding
  • Without developer assistance
  • You can make modifications immediately from a web interface
  • Well-structured, categorizable content management
  • View statistics on app usage


App features

The framework is constantly evolving, with possible features expanding according to our clients' needs. Any number of modules can be selected and integrated into the mobile application. If you have unique requirements beyond these, our experienced development team can implement any functionality your business needs.

General modules

Profile management

Choose this module if you want to make you app available only to registered users. This is essential if you also choose the subscription module. After a short registration process, users can use the application by providing an email address and password.


You can send any number of push notifications to your users' devices. This way, they can immediately be informed about news, offers, and new content releases. All received notifications can be reviewed in a list within the app.


This module provides monetization opportunities for your application. Certain content or the entire application usage can be made available only to subscribed users. We can handle subscription packages for different periods, and there is also the option to set up a free trial period.


This module is essential if there is profile management in the application. Here you can find logout and password change. You can upload informational content about the app, other legal documents, and we offer users the opportunity to report errors and request assistance.

Specific modules

mobile app mockups


Display blog posts organized into categories. You can share useful information, publish interesting articles, and collect tips.


Base price: 990,000 HUF

Any number of selected features from the above list

Installation of a test version on your own devices

Development and publication of iOS and Android applications

Web admin interface (Content management, Push notification sending, Statistics)

Launch offer!

Book an appointment for a free demo conversation and we offer a 20% discount on the base price

The first 10 contracted customers are also entitled to a 20% discount on the monthly fee for 6 months.


Monthly fee: 190,000 HUF

Resource optimization

Support, operation

Server environment and stable operation assurance

Application updates

Database backups


Steps to take to have your mobile app

Through these 7 simple steps, you will reach your customers through a personalized mobile application



Contact us and we'll discuss everything in detail with a free demo



Choose which features to include in your app



Customize app icon, logo, colors, languages


Developer accounts

Register Apple and Google developer accounts



Our developers will create your customized iOS and Android application within 30 days


Content upload

Fill the app with content through the web admin interface



We will make your app available to your customers in the App Store and Google Play


Our Contacts

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